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16 February 2020

‘Still no Drama’

This old gem, Truck 1, aptly named “Still no Drama” was purchased brand new back in 2007. Over the many years of her service she has had many trusted companions in hard working drivers. Neil Hunter, Ben Duncombe, Robert Hough, Phil Thorn and more recently Rex McIllwrick, to name but a few. These drivers have spent many many hours with her and have loved and cared for her over the years.  She’s spent hundreds of hours carting everything imaginable from steel and wool, to pipes and trusses around many different parts of New Zealand, proudly carrying the Brosnan Transport name wherever she went. She even featured as the transport at a wedding once, and this week she’s clocked over a million kilometres on the speedo.  A huge milestone for a trusty piece of equipment that’s been with us since day dot.  Well done old girl, enjoy your retirement!