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12 October 2019

80 Seadown Road

The Seadown Road build took around 11 months, from start to the point where we could occupy. It was exciting to see the process, from bare land being developed, to concrete being poured, huge steel beams erected, roof going on, to the finishing touches like electronic gate installation and lawn and gardens being planted. A huge task but was completed by many, many hours of man power and machinery.

While the new site was only a short distance (around the corner) from our Meadows Road site, the job of moving was huge and when that time was eventually upon us to do so many truck and trailer loads were carefully loaded up and delivered round to the new site.  However the move was made easier by the fantastic bunch of staff, who worked extra hours and weekends to help get us out of the old building and settled into the new one. A pretty good bunch of people to have working for you!